6 Reasons To Exhibit At Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show

Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show
The 8th Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show will take place 21 – 14 November at Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

The 8th Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show is set take place 21 – 24 November at the award-winning Ocean Marina Yacht Club. As the largest marina in South East Asia, Ocean Marina is an ideal home for a boat show of this size and more than 100 exhibitors from around Thailand and overseas are expected, including the latest international boat brands and models, local builds, marine products and accessories, luxury property, lifestyle products, food and beverage pop-ups, and much more.

Want to know more? Want to get involved? Here are 6 reasons why you should exhibit at this year’s Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show:

1) Sales and Lead Opportunities
Over the past seven years, Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show has proven to be a successful event at which exhibitors have sold a wide range of products and services from boats to marine gear, accessories, clothing, outdoor furniture, food and much more.

The show is also excellent at generating sales leads for exhibitors. Not everyone wants to buy a boat or a property, for example, there and then at the show. Customers can use the show to meet the seller, see the product first-hand and find out more, then follow-up post show with further inspections or sea trials before making a purchase.

2) Reach New Customers
Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show has a unique visitor demographic. While some exhibitions may rely on a transient international visitor market, Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show is successful in attracting an engaged and influential Thai audience from Bangkok and the East Coast.

For savvy boat brands and brokers, reaching Thai buyers has become a top priority and Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show provides a unique opportunity to do so. And with the family-friendly festival like atmosphere over the four day show, the East Coast community turn out in numbers providing an ideal opportunity for boat brands and brokers to introduce the boating lifestyle to new customers. For food stalls and other exhibitors they can target the 6,000 expected visitors that will enjoy the show in 2019.

3) The Personal Touch
With the digitization of the world today, face-to-face marketing is being replaced by marketing-from-a-distance. There is, however, no replacement for the personal touch: meeting a potential customer face-to-face, shaking their hand, connecting with them on a personal level, answering their questions and needs and sharing advice, is a much more powerful way to market. It is also the best way to close a deal and to develop relationships with clients long-term. A 30ft boat purchaser today may by an 80ft buyer in the not-so-distant future, so it pays to give the personal touch.

4) Showcase New Products and Services
Retaining clients is important in any industry, but retaining them over a period of time while being able to keep them excited about your product or service can be very difficult. Sharing details of a new model or an upgrade on a current model is a great way to keep a customer interested and loyal to your brand. Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show provides an opportunity for businesses to showcase their latest products whether it be a new boat model, a new interior package for a condominium, or a new range of outdoor furniture products.

5) Listen to Customer Feedback
Feedback forms have their place, comments on a social media post my be relevant, but face-to-face feedback from a customer (or potential customer) is invaluable. A boat show doesn’t have to be all about the sell, it can also provide an opportunity for exhibitors to meet their current customers and seek direct customer feedback.

6) New Show Layout and Large Under Roof Area
One major change at this year’s show is the overall design and visitor flow. A new onshore layout will mean visitors get to see all the exhibitor booths and displays, while a new tent concept will provide larger under-roof spaces and shade making it more comfortable for exhibitors, and ensuring visitors to spend more time at the displays.