Keeping your boat in Ocean Marina, it makes sense

Ocean Marina Yacht Club
Ocean Marina Yacht Club – a safe haven for your boat in the Gulf of Thailand.


The east coast is the closest marine playground to Bangkok and is home to stunning islands, beaches, cruising grounds and a world-class marina.

The Ocean Marina Yacht Club (OMYC), located just outside of Pattaya, is the perfect place to keep your boat – it’s a fully serviced, safe facility with a variety of onsite suppliers, who can quickly get you what you need if they don’t have it in stock. And the marina is only a one-and-a-half hour drive from Bangkok.

Ocean Marina is the heart and hub of the Eastern Seaboard’s boating community. You can join in the marina’s racing/sailing programme, and it is a great place to mingle with fellow boaters and sailors. It is home to the annual Top of the Gulf Regatta, where you can race with the best sailors in the region. Ocean Marina also hosts the Platu racing series. The Platu was specially designed to be sailed in the Gulf of Thailand and sailors come from all over the globe to race it in its home waters.

The marina also recently purchased a number of S\V14s to help foster and encourage para sailing in the region and the OMYC community has gone out of its way to try and make sailing easier and more accessible for those with physical disabilities.

Every year, the marina hosts the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show, which brings together all the major regional movers and shakers in the leisure marine world, so you get the low-down on the latest happenings and innovations in the nautical world.

Pattaya is also changing. Once known as city of sex and sin, it has become much more family-friendly with a myriad of activities catering to folks of all ages.

And once you get out of Ocean Marina, there is a whole oceanic playground and cruising ground to explore – 187 islands in the Gulf of Thailand in total, many unexplored, with quiet, beautiful, scenic anchorages.

If you don’t have time to go on extended trips, you can always moor your boat at Ocean Marina and use it on the weekends going for a sunset cruise or a brief overnight trip – a great way to entertain friends and family.