South East Asia is the world’s third major yachting destination

Thailand - hub of yachting in Southeast Asia
Thailand and Southeast Asia offer world-class cruising to rival that of The Med and Caribbean. Photo Credit: The Wallpaper/


For years, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean have been the two biggest yachting destinations especially for moneyed people from northern Europe. But if you want a holiday in the Med space is at a premium, and the shoreline is cluttered with chock-a-block resorts, causing some to echo the refrain, “The Med is dead.” And many Caribbean countries are no longer as welcoming to outsiders as they once were. As a result, more and more yachting aficionados are discovering Southeast Asia, one of the last remaining frontiers for those seeking warm and beautiful escapes.

As more people work independently and away from the office, there’s no better locale to work from than Thailand’s scenic shores. Modern communications technology, as well as fast and inexpensive transport, make the Land of Smiles a viable option available to an ever-growing number of entrepreneurs.

And when people bring their yachts here, they can easily become seduced by the expat lifestyle that Thailand offers. Respected international schools and hospitals as well as good international air connections and telecommunications. Throw into the mix distinguished chefs at international-standard restaurants, top-of-the-line golf courses, international sailing regattas and a vibrant nightlife, and you’ve got a package that most people find quite attractive.

A major problem preventing more yachties from jumping on the Southeast Asia bandwagon is simple ignorance. If their yacht breaks down and needs repair, they don’t think there are capable tradesmen in the region to get their boat up and running again. WRONG!!

Also, as each country has different rules and regulations for how long yachts and crew can stay in their country it can be confusing for yachties from abroad when it comes to planning itineraries. That’s where yacht agencies come in and there are a number of well-reputed ones in Thailand who can help with everything from visa regulations to catering, to port of choice and recommended tradespeople.

Ocean Marina, for example, is a fully-serviced marina which can rival any in Europe. The marina’s breakwater provides sheltered berthing and the chandleries on site offer a full range of leisure marine supplies while Harbor Master Scott Finsten can recommend companies for any maintenance or repair work you may need.